XP won't recognize SATA disk

 Ivan -
My desktop computer has Windows XP SP2. I just added an internal SATA disk used as an external disk and connected to a USB port.
While thie new disk works like a charm on my Vista laptop, my Windows XP desktop won't recognize the new SATA disk at all.
Can I get drivers which will allow XP to see my SATA?

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I have the same problem.My xp sp3 Will only see hard drive in device manager and wont alow me to explore it.It was formatted on my laptop running vista basic.If you have found a solution I would be gratefull to hear from you via email.Cheers.
Thank you

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You don't need SATA drivers if you are connected thru a USB port.

You may need to update your USB drivers so you have the USB Mass Storage programs. I would download and install the latest USB drivers for your motherboard.

Good Luck
Thanks so much for your help. I will try your advice shortly.