How to make one summary file with 29 sum up sheets

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My self Dr. Seema Mehrotra working as an Urban Economist at National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi, India. I am working on a very large data set. That consist 4000 excel files and each excel file consist 6 sheet. These 4000 excel files are saved in 29 different folders and these 29 folder are a part of one folder named 'Claims'. Now I have to make one summary file with 29 sum up sheets based on 4000 excel files.

I had already create a master summary file with one menu sheet and 29 sum up sheets. The menu sheet consist 29 sum up sheets name and we have to select from drop down menu.

Folder 1 - Named 'Claims'
Path c:\Claims

Folder 29 Named such as AP, MP, UP Uk, Raj etc
Path C:\Claims\AP

Excel files 4000 Named such as AP_Hyderabad_PG17-18

Path C:\Claims\AP\AP_Hyderabad_PG17-18
C:\Claims\AP\ AP_Guntur_PG17-18

File Name MP_Bhopal_PG17-18

All the 4000 Excel files consisting 6 Sheets. Sheet one is instruction and rest 5 sheets consisting data and protected with password.

Master file Named Master Summary
Path c:\Claims\Master Summary.xls

Now I have to fetch (copy) data from each file to be paste in summer file.

Please Help me how to write a macro for that.



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Oct 11, 2017 at 05:05 PM
WOW! Aren't you the analyst? If we do this, why would we need you to do your job?

WOW, all of those engineers and doctors and such, and you need to come to free forum to help?

What you are asking, if provided, I highly doubt you would be able to deploy, as it is very complex! I am not going to spend time WIRE FRAMING, and authoring a solution, only to have you say that it doesn't work.

We need for you to post some code, and if you get stuck, then you can ask for help.

Besides, have you unlocked the Developer tab in Excel? If not, start with that.

Have fun with that.