Replaced graphics card and receive no image

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Hello there, I recently got my new gtx 1080, which is a replacement for my current 1060.

I switched the graphics card as soon as it arrived. (Without uninstalling previous drivers) 

It worked for a good 3 minutes, then the system suddenly rebooted. After this I can no longer get image from anywhere, not the gtx 1080, not the 1060, and neither my onboard graphics. I get signal because the screen turns on, it just doesnt display anything. My fans are spinning, the leds are on and the card indicates the pcie are installed correctly. (White lights at the pcie slots instead of red ones)

I have tried a different hdmi cable and graphics card slot


I5 7600k

Gtx 1060/1080

Psu: cx 650 

Ssd 500 gb 

Hdd 1tb

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If you are performing all of this without the use of an ANTI-STATIC strap, while wearing wool socks, running around on carpet with a balloon, then you may have already fried the MOTHERBOARD!

Take out the card, and set the video image to its lowest setting. Boot it. Does it work? If yes, then put the card back in, and attempt the boot again, setting up the video for the lowest reading.

If none of this boots, take out the RAM, and try to boot. Does the PC beep?

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