How to hide files on C drive?

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Monday January 1, 2018
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January 1, 2018
guys i want to ask , i have use command attrib -s -r -h /s /d C:\*.* and it show all file . how can i undo it . pls help me im not good in computer hmmmm
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November 28, 2018
Thank you

Firstly - Why are you messing arround with attributes?

Secondly - Why did you apply the attributes to everything in C?

Your command basically says..

for all files and folders in C: remove the attribute System File, Read Only and Hidden.

Different files and folders have different attributes set so you're stuff in terms of getting them back to "default". What you have run, you've basically done a "show all".

I would first try going to Control Panel > Folder Options/File Explorer Options > View > Restore Defaults

If you swap the - for a + in your command you will do the reverse operation.


attrib +H C:\test would add the hidden attribute to the folder and it would become hidden.
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Friday April 13, 2018
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April 18, 2018
Thank you

I do agree with @kieferschild that you should first try to restore your folders view to default via Control Panel. I would only add that if you want to hide files on your system or any drive, you can simply use your File Explorer and right-click on the folder or file you want to hide and change its attribute to Hidden in the pop-up window. If you do not want to see or display the hidden folders/files, you can change the View settings of your File Explorer by deselecting the "Hidden items" checkbox on the View tab.

Good luck!
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