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Hello everyone.
I have a Twinity account and i have problems with pressing arrows keys buttons when i do dancing mission's.
If you wonder what Twinity is here is link: <XXXX>
There is a place called Party Island on Twinity and when a player are on that place players have 3 mission's to
do and get 3 different dancing trophies.
Of course i fail those mission's all the time because i must press the arrows keys buttons in
different order's to complete them. I must be fast to press them. I cannot press fast enough so i fail.
I really want something that make my computer press arrows keys buttons automatically in that different order's
that showing on those mission's in the game when it appears on my screen when i do those mission's so i can go further on Twinity.
I have reported this dancing mission's to Twinity support a lot but they don't do something about that.
It's really annoying that i'm stuck on those mission's.
I want make computer scan and press arrow key buttons automatically as randomly appears.

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Thank you
The problem with your question, is you are asking how to HACK a game.

For that reason alone, you have violated the terms of service for this website forum. I must close this question.

We cannot assist in your cheat, that is not in place by the game makers.

What is the difference between what you are asking, and a cheat code for let's say "Sims". Sims has a command line input to enter in variables. Does your game? Probably not. You would be utilizing an outside program or process to handle your input, therefore, hacking!