Some keys on keyboard don’t work

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Tuesday January 30, 2018
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January 30, 2018
An Acer Aspire keyboard started out with the spacebar use occasionally jumping back to the middle of text written. Today some keys work and some don't. Some type two or three characters with one keystroke. I went to settings, and all seems well there. Another forum suggested the number lock was on. Checked that and some of the double characters stopped, but many on the qwerty row don't work and especially the backspace and spacebar don't work. Please help before I pop the back off the damn thing!! Or worse, buy a new laptop when I don't have to!
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Monday February 1, 2010
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November 22, 2018
Thank you
Dear Crazy,

Sorry for the bad news but it's now time to have the keyboard replaced. Yes they do break.
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