Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed [Closed]

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Tuesday November 14, 2017
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February 2, 2018
Hello gentlemen, i have a problem with my laptop Lenovo Yoga 710-14IBK.
I’ve reset my laptop to factory and at the end of the reset, it appears a message of error like this:
<<Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed.
Insert Any Recovery Media and Hit any key.
Then Select “Boot Manager” to choose a new Boot Device or to new Boot Recovery Media>>
So, i search on Internet and I try to fix the problem, but any method work. I have gone to the BIOS and I have changed UEFI by Legacy Support/Legacy First but it does not work. I have load default settings of the BIOS and restart, but it does not work either.
Then, I saw that the PC can’t detect the hard disk in the BIOS information.
Please help me, I don’t know what else I can do.
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Saturday January 17, 2015
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October 2, 2019
Thank you
Hi iAlexX,

It could be that the hard drive has failed (or even that there is no hard drive installed). Other causes include a defective connection/wire for the power or data. Try installing another hard drive to see if that one is detected.