Computer wont display on monitor via DVI/HDMI-DVI [Solved/Closed]

 mortal312 -
Hey guys

So yesterday I was playing games on my computer when it suddenly turned off without any warning, only to boot up a few seconds later with no display on the monitor. Naturally, i tried replugging the cables and restarting my computer but it wouldn't show up. Strangely enough, my keyboard would actually flash in the custom color pattern I gave it through drivers, so it would've at least been able to reach the desktop otherwise the colors would have been on their default setting. When I replugged the cables to my monitor the screen actually displayed for a split second then went blank. I tried reseating my CMOS but no luck. Next, I noticed the graphics card was quite loose so I reseated and tightened it. Still blank, although now it was just restarting constantly. After reseating the ram it was starting normally again, but still no display. I also noticed a burning smell inside my computer, at first I thought it was my cpu, I noticed the plastic was still on it. After taking it off I'm now not sure where it's coming from, it could be the gpu, cpu, or psu, although I think its probably between the gpu and psu. I also tried using a DVI to HDMI cable, but again the screen only displayed for a split second and has stayed blank since. I have confirmed that the monitor works fine when connecting via laptop, so I've narrowed it down to my PC. I even tried unplugging the power cord and holding down on the power button for about a minute, tried again and still doesn't work. I honestly don't know what else to do, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It's possible your video card has failed. If your motherboard has onboard video you can remove the video card and rebook using the MB connection.

Good Luck
I'm afraid you were correct I've removed the video card and used the mb and the display is now working. Thank you!

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