Asus X52J power on but no display [Closed]

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Wednesday February 7, 2018
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February 7, 2018
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First of all I appolagize for my bad english.
So i own an Asus X52J and recently it was not working anymore, when I press the power button nothing happens except the led that indecates the power is on, after around a minute, i can hear cpu fan turning on and it's louder than usual and after 30seconds the pc turns off.
Thank you in advance.

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When I google that model of laptop, all that comes up is parts, and HOW to fix it. It looks like your fan is possibly not spinning, so the CPU is overheating, and shutting down to protect itself. If you have no computer skills in taking ESD precautions, take it to a technician. They might be able to clean it!

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