My laptop sound wont work.

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My laptop sound isnt working.
I thought my laptop had a virus in it
a few days and I had my friend look at it,
well he did a bunch of stuff to it and since then
the sound hasn't been working. He
doesn't know what went wrong and i was hoping
you do. :)


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Hye Lauren,

You will only need to re-install your sound driver! This can be found in the Driver CD which you got with your laptop!
My toshiba laptop will not make a sound when I listen to music or movies and i dont know why canyou tell me why.

max, what happened before the sound stopped? Can you hear anything by using headphones? Have you checked the soundcard settings? Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>and check Volume and Audio. Under Audio check that the regular sound device is chosen (they differ from machine to machine) and check Volume there as well. Under the Sounds tab you can test speakers by sampling the souns scheme on your computer, just choose a sound event and click the little black arrow to play that sound.
hey i have the same problem i did that none of it worked?? i even tryed restarting my labtop
> jess
i did the same, and it still doesn't work