How Do I Make a PDF Smaller? Zip? [Solved/Closed]

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How Do I Make a PDF Smaller? Zip?
I have a PDF document that I need to upload that is 3.75mb. The website will only allow me to upload files 3.0mb or less.

I do not have software to alter the PDF, but was wondering if there is another work-around such as a zip/unzip.

How might I be able to do get this document uploaded?
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On a Mac, go to HELP and type "compression" and an option will appear
To Compress a PDF file

  • 1.Open the PDF file and choose FILE > save as
  • 2. Choose Reduce File Size from the Quartz Filter pop up menu.

This reduced my large file to 2.8 MB it works

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Awesome!!! Thanks so much :)
It made my file blurry! I don't know what to do.
Thank you. Great advice!
This was brilliant - and oh, so simple! Worked like a charm. Thanks!
worked like a charm! thanks! you saved me!
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Easier then all of that,

Acrobat 9, Click on Document>then Reduce Pdf Size> then will prompt to click which version or later to reduce, pick any, doesnt really matter> then pick where you want to save it, and voila. Let it reduce it, takes 1-2 minutes and voila your done !

This retains the quality but removes all the background junk that there is in PDFs. I just did a 13mb file down to 800kb file, works great !
Great tips!! Thanks!!
My quality reduces dramatically. Why is this?
BS not all OS are the same voila my butt.
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1. From within Pages or any other application you're creating a PDF from, click on "Print" in the File pull-down menu.
2. In the Print dialog box, click on the third pull-down menu box ("Copies and Pages"). Select "ColorSync" from the pull-down menu.
3. Click on the "Quartz Filter" button and select "Reduce File Size."
4. Click "Save as PDF."

In the case of my three-page brochure, the resulting PDF was only 227KB (rather than 10MB).
Thanks, this worked perfectly! Went from 8.8 mb to 104 kb!
There is no "third pull-down menu" in the Print dialog box. You must be referring to a specific application even though you wrote "or any application." These choices of "ColorSync," "Quartz Filter," etc. do not exist in just any aplication.
The parent means the third option in the pull-down menu. It is not application-specific; it is in the generic print dialog used by any application which doesn't provide a customized one. Its appearance will depend on your version of the OS.
I cannot find colorsiyn, quartz filter......... mine is window XP. using Arcobat reader 9.1.
u make us fool
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What I did was open the PDF and then print to PDF. It reduced the PDF from 8MB to 250KB!
(this will only work if you have a PDF "Printer" already installed. I used Adobe PDF converter.)
I'm working on a Mac. I couldn't do this using Adobe but I Control Clicked on the PDF and opened it with Preview which then gave me the Save As options mentioned in other postings - including reduce size. It went from 18MB to 112 kb!
this works!!!!!
I did this but it made the document blurry. Any tips?
It made mine blurry too...
Thank you
If you have Distiller, it is quite simple.

Save the PDF as a .ps file in Acrobat Reader.
Open Distiller, and under Settings->Job options->Compression, specify your downsize resolution.
If you want a PDF for viewing on monitor only, downsize all graphics to 72 dpi, or 90 at most.
That will probably reduce your file quite a bit.

After setting the options, open the .ps file in Distiller, and it will spit out a much smaller PDF.
Note, that it might get the same name as the original, so make a copy of the original, so that you don't overwrite it. The process is irreversible :-)

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save as jpg, making the size as small as possible and then save back to PDF.
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Have you ear about DjVu? is a GNU compresion tool similar to PDF, who is rapid taking place over PDF files. Primary reason: typically DjVU files are at least 5 times smaller than PDF files for the same document, DjVU viewer is a Add-on that installs itself and you can convert wherever you want to DjVU for free.
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Open the pdf in acrobat. Choose "save as" and save over the original document. And voila! The file size is smaller. If you simply choose "save" rather than "save as" the file size will remain the same.
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Printing to Primo PDF worked great for me! I had a document that was saving as 38 MG!! This fixed the problem.
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Open your PDF, go to Print, print using "Cute PDF Writer" (yes, slyfox-ly converting your PDF into yet another PDF) and it'll somehow shrink it way down. Mine went from 9MB to 6MB. It may or may not continue to downsize the more you do each new PDF.
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this worked well! basically re-pdf your pdf and it shrinks it A LOT. Thanks!
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Thats very easy !

first solution download winrar, its a free software that will allow you to compress the file and make it become more smaller !!

Second solution ! if possible, open the PDF file , and reduce the quality of the file! automatically the size of the file will become smaller.

Always happy to help!!
Does Winrar work for Mac?
> state-of-mind -
Nope, you need to download UNRARx, this one works great. And Stuff it works too.
By downloading winrarx and compressing the file, the receiver will in what format? I want them to receive in same pdf format.
Try SimplyRAR, it work on MAC OS :)