Copy data from one Workbook to another

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I have to save data from one Sheet 1 of Workbook 1 to Sheet 1 of workbook two.
Sheet 1, Workbook 1
Date Name Salary
1/1 ABC 100,000
1/2 DEF 200,000
No predefined row number but column will be pre-defined

Sheet 1, Workbook 2
Date Name Salary

The data needs to be copied to Sheet 1, Workbook 2 (saved on a shared path)
also, data cannot be written over. Pasting needs to be done from the blank cell.

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Which part are you stuck with?

we are volunteers who HELP, not provide turn key solutions. If you are waiting for one, then wait about another 5 days, and someone might do your work for you, but the homework, or the boss might expect it sooner than that. If you cannot wait, then post some of your code here, and we can assist with YOUR CODE!