PS4 won't connect to network [Closed]

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My playstation will not conect to playstion network

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Did it ever work?
Check your password.

Thank you

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My problem is that evry time i try to connect our create a new playstation network it gives me the response (CE-42288-4) and don't now what to do it is not been on youtube from what our internet from what i now ove.
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So, it used to work? You switched internet providers?
Yes it did work before but it dosn't now
Yes it did work before but now it dosn't
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Who is Your ISP? You need to make certain the WIFI is broadcasting is et up to the right band that your ISP is using. Here is an instruction set from Sony:
"On PS4™ systems that support the 5 GHz range, you can choose which Wi-Fi frequency band to use. On the Wi-Fi network selection screen, press the OPTIONS button."

Check that your Bands match. If you cannot verify your ISP, call your ISP tech support and have them set it to what ever your PS4 is on. You pay for support, use it!
I don't think it is the Wi-Fi because when i came to live her the first time it was fine but then the second time it wasn't as good it started disconnect and now it is not working but will try your method.
And get back to you
The bands are the same.
It is still not working, thanks for all your help.
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Connect it with a cord then, to trouble shoot the WIFI, or ISP, or console!