Concatenate columns in Excel

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Hey actually i have a prob,

i have 4 columns in my excel sheet, among them based on 2nd column i have to concatenate the contents of 4th column irrespective of 3rd column.

sno: Department Salary Emp
1 Accounts 15000 Kiran.K
2 Accounts 12000 Rosy Marry
3 Accounts 18000 Vandana
4 Statistics 20000 Karthikeya
5 Statistics 20000 Ramana
6 Statistics 18000 Naresh

Among these entries i need result as follows..

Sno Department Emp
1 Accounts Kiran.K, Rosy Marry, Vandana
2 Statistics Karthikeya, Ramana, Naresh

Can anybody help me please as this format killing most of my time..

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What version of Excel? There is a text to columns button on the latest.....