Move that tab to a new workbook

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Im relatively new to excel macros and have done half of what i need to do. I created a macro that takes data from one tab (which contains a pivot table), and i have been able to successfully copy that tab, and paste it with values and formatting onto another new tab that is created by the macro. I would like to next move that tab to a new workbook. That is where the macro would stop. I would then manually save that new workbook to a specific drive.

How can i have the macro move the new tab automatically to a new workbook. I run into a problem because i need to do this about 100 times and the worksheet that i create has a different name...any thoughts?

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Well in VBA the method is:

Set NewBook = Workbooks.Add
NewBook.SaveAs Filename:=fName

There ya go, that should do it.