How to change new tab page Chrome: Android, extension, Mac

How to change new tab page Chrome: Android, extension, Mac

After the Google Chrome 69 update, users noticed that the new tab page also changed. Each time you open the new tab page on Google Chrome, several tiles representing your most viewed pages are displayed. This new feature can raise privacy issues as tiles display the latest content you've viewed. In this article we show you how to restore the previous Chrome settings, or simply remove these shortcuts.

How to delete a shortcut from new tab page in Chrome?

To remove a website from your new tab page menu, point the cursor on it, click on three dots and select Remove. This method will work for Android and iOS mobiles and also Windows and Mac computers. 

You can customize your New Tab page in Chrome more by going to Settings > Appearance.

How to restore Chrome to its previous settings?

To restore your Google Chrome, you will need to disable the experimental option – a flag called New Tab Page Material Design UI. To do so, type chrome://flags/#ntp-ui-md in the Chrome address bar or search for New Tab Page Material Design UI in the chrome://flags section.

Disable the feature and relaunch your Chrome browser.

After this, the previous New Tab shall be restored. N.B.If you accidentally close a tab on Google Chrome, press Control+Shift+T and it will get it back.

How to change new tabs with an extension?

If the previous method didn’t work, you can also add a Chrome 33+ extension to your browser. The New Tab Reload extension is designed specifically for users who are not happy with the new design and would like to restore the old one back from Chrome 33 version.

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