The sims 2 upgrade doesn´t work?

 lewis -
I have a huge problem that I really need help with...
I have: The sims 2, The sims 2 open for business and The sims 2 pets. I haven´t played för a while but now I would like to play but when I put in the Sims 2 disk and click on the icon it just jumps up and down a few times but nothing happens? I´ve tried putting in the CD för Pets and Business too but it doesn´t work. I´ve also tried doing this ;
but when the "new" upgrade is installed and I click on the new icon it says that I need to install The sims 2. Then I put in The sims 2 CD and click on it, then i click on Program install (the little package with gifts in) but then it says that I don´t have 1mb free space but I have 16Gb free space!? So I can´t install it!

Please help me with this!

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Me too!! I had to completely uninstall the whole thing a few times before it worked but then as soon as i tried to install pets again it stopped working. Every time I try to install pets it says there was an error and to try to install it again.
Thank you

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Same here, my step dad told me that it was a virus in the game not the computer so I am getting new Sims 2 games. Ooooh and mine's is for mac.