No sound is coming from my earphones [Closed]

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No sound is coming from my earphones.when I plug my earphones in my laptop shows it's connected but when I play music or games no sound is coming from both the earpieces and even from the
Laptop's speaker . I tried many things but still they don't work

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Does the earphones work with your phone? If so, then you need just a standard pair of headphones, as your mobile headphones have a place in the jack for a microphone, and your laptop does not!
It doesn't work with any device. When I plug it to my laptop I shows connected but the sound doesn't come even when the volume is 100% and in my phone it doesn't show that the earphones are connected and the sound comes out of the speakers
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So, they don't work with any device? What is the real issue?
The problem is actually solved. Thanks for your help
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What solved it, if I may?
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You need to get a new earphone! Incase the issue persists after buying a new earphone then you need to get the ports checked of your phone/laptop.