Itunes wants to delete all my songs

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i recently bought a new computer and dowmloaded my itunes. before on my old computer I had an itunes with like 200 songs. since I got my new computer I bought 20 songs and tried to transfer them onto my ipod. Everytime I try to however, a message pops up saying that if I transfer the new songs onto my ipod all of my old songs will be deleted. what should I do?

i also get a pop up saying that a newer version of itunes is ready for download. Should I download it or will it just make things worse? there is also a pop up that says this "Itunes has detected that it is not the default player for audio files. would you like to the default programs control panel to fix this?"

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hi, if you sync you iPod with iTunes, all the music in the iPod will be deleted.

What you need to do is to :
  • click on your iPod icon when you connect it to the computer and then check "Manually manage music".
  • Then you need to create a playlist, put all the songs you want to add in your iPod, then under the iPod click on Music, and you will see "Autofill from:" below the window.
  • Select the playlist yu created and click on autofill.

Thus the songs will be added without deleting the ones which were already on the iPod.
It is recomonded that you update the iTunes when you are prompted to do so.
Thus you can get more features.
Thanks so much for this solution!!
The apple experts have been unable to explain this to me even after several appointments!
My computer completely crashed, and I was so uninterested in having to re-load all the music off the CDs that I had put into my iPhone ~
I had purchased some new music and been unable to put them into my phone. Thanks so much - I finally have my newly purchased music in my phone, and still have all of my original music in tact :))
Why can't I load music from iPhone to new computer?
I got the new itunes 3.1 or something like that and I dont see that "autofill" button ur talking about
hey I cant do that I wont let me and I want to get my music on with out deleting all of it??? help
I do not see "Autofill from" anywhere on the Music page of my iphone. Can someone help?!