My itunes library cannot be read because i [Solved/Closed]

 jhon -
hello world!!!? how can I get through this , I just recently used my itunes on my mac but all of a sudden
VERSION OF I TUNES.. pls help me,,

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I had this problem when upgrading the iTunes software! the solution was to rename "library.itl" to library.old and then start iTunes.
Thank you

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Thank you very much
How are you supposed to rename it? I tried doing that computer c thing but it wont work please help! :<= you have to first "show the suffix of your files" and then to change it. Indeed I think you can just delete the library file. the itunes will come up with a new one.
Thanks men.... This is the answer.. it worked!!
Merci it works
Easy, just go to your Music folder and find itunes folder there, where will be

*1 xml file which you must move somewhere else
*you can delete files from 'previous library folder
*go back and put itunes library file in 'previous library' folder and boot itunes
Brilliant. That worked perfectly. Thanks fir the help....maybe apple should get someone to give useful advice instead of stuffing around....
excellent! thanks!
it works, but I have to import all my music files again~~
how to you change the file name?
It wont work for me, can someone help please!
i had the same problem it was saying cannot open itues itl as it was created by a newer version, even though I hadnt touched it, so I downloaded the very lastest version of itunes, did not uninstall the old version and it seemed to work, did not lose anything in my music libary.
go to itunes file

you will find file called " itune library " rename the file to " iTunes Libary.itl"

and good luck :D
It worked for me. Thanks so much!!!
This solution totally worked thank you!!!
The way I fixed this problem was so insanely simple that I can't believe it worked. All I did was:

-Opened the iTunes folder
-Right clicked on iTunes Library file and rename it to 'iTunes Library Old'

And it worked. I had to re-import all of my songs again, but now everything is running perfectly smooth.
thanks you soooooo much..
it worked
Don't rename the iTunes Library, just right click it, go to Open With, and choose iTunes.
This helped so easy also

it worked! wow, all I had to do was get my music out of itunes music folder and then drag it in itunes! works like a charm!
Hi I am on vista home and something has happened to my iTunes here is the message:
The Folder iTunes cannot be found and is required for the default location. Fold is inside "Music" Folder.
I have deleted iTunes many times and have even tried older versions and no luck. I have added a music folder in iTunes and still nothing. T hope that someone can help me.
The process is very simple.

Step 1: Uninstall iTunes.
Step 2: After uninstalling iTunes is complete go to "My Documents".
Step 3: In "My Documents" open "My Music" folder. Here u will still find a folder named "iTunes".
Step 4: Just delete the iTunes folder.
Step 5: Reinstall iTunes.

This process should fix the problem.

it worked and is the mst easier way :)
amazing thanks had it going in 2 minutes! legend!!!
thanq it worked....
This worked for me also, I have Windows 7 so it took me a bit to figure it out. But all I did was rename the old Itunes Library file and the retried to launch the application and it totally worked. Thank you!
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Did you upgrade your itunes recently?
i have the same problem, unfortunately I did not update it to the newest version PLEASE HELP!
this works for me because I have my other (2nd) mac with the same library setup

1. delete all the files in the itunes previous library except the latest one
2. export the library from my 2nd mac : itunes, file, library, export library (.xml file)

and transfer the library file (.xml) into my mac with itunes problem to its desktop

start itunes (no songs)
then go to file, add to library and just find the the .xml file on the desktop
hope this helps.
the file iTune.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTune
I have a mac but I think I found the solution for the people who still could not get this to work. Simply, there are now two itunes folders. I found mine under music, and library. Go into both. select all the songs you wanna keep and put them in a seperate folder on you desktop. Then delete both itunes folders. Now re-download the same itunes you were using and it should work. Hope this is helpful.
OMG!!!!! thank you SOOOOO much! this totally worked! I can't believe it!!! awesome!!! thanks again!!!!!!!
It worked for me too!!!! Thank you!
Thank you!! it worked in 2010!! woohoo!
I went to my itunes folder and deleted everything except for the Itunes Music Folder. Then I opened itunes, clicked on file then add folder to library. I chose the Itunes Music Folder. It's taking a while to add the folder (I have a ton of stuff) but it seems to be working pretty well.
Uninstall Apple Bonjour and you should be okay with iTunes
i had this problem too and just fixed it. go into the folder that was listed in the first post, and go to the files "itunes library", "itunes library extras", and "itunes library genius", go to properties and make sure the "read-only" box is not checked.

i unchecked all mine, and it opened right up.

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