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 George -
Can anyone help me please iv just bought a chromebook iv downloaded music albums but i can get them onto my ipod can anybody help me please thankyou

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You need to install GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC from the play store. After you have installed that, there is an option to listen to your itunes music. Follow instructions to set up your account. You neeed a credit card on file with your account!

Thank you

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Thankyou so much i will try that now
Just tried it it still doesnt work :-(
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That is the only way that I am aware of connecting and synching.
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The DRmare itunes drm audio converter can help you. It aims to convert iTunes songs' format to MP3 or other common formats. So you can upload the converted Apple Music songs to your iPod or other players. The music is lossless.
I can recommend using this mp3 converter as it's the general site I use for converting music and videos. It's free, doesn't bring you any viruses, and is easy to use. thus, you can download videos or mp3 from a wide range of sources and use it on your Chromebook. Hope it helps

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