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I went to download a CD to my iPod via iTunes. I needed to update to the latest version of iTunes, which I did. I then hit sync to download my CD to my iPod and a message comes up that my iPod is synced with another iTunes library and says I must erase and sync. I have only used this computer to sync so I don't know how I am on another library. I don't want to erase all the music on my iPod in order to add new songs. How can I avoid this?

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You've probably already found an answer for this issue, but I will post this for any other person this becomes relevant for should this occur to you:
  • upon plugging the device into your computer/laptop, it will give the message you were stating. Do not allow it to sync to yur current library AT ALL. Rather, click onthe summary tab that displays when you've clicked on the iPod/iPhone on the left side menu bar. The summary and all over information will be in the right hand side of the screen.
  • Once you are in the SUMMARY TAB: click on the backup there are three rows: iPod, Version, and lastly, OPTIONS. There are four selection boxes. Click on the last box labeled "Encrypt iPod/iPhone backup" or you can also select this option by clicking on the change password box. Put in your iTunes account password--it seems to be synced that way and always works. If you are prompted to update iTunes software in the process, do it. It is better to have the updated version and have it function smoothly during this transition.
  • This will backup everything on your device without losing your information permanently.

Once this step is complete, you will indeed need to restore he device to factory settings. Please note, this is the only systematically correct method I know of to successfully re-register your device back into your library.
  • After factory settings are restored... TIME TO PUT YOUR MUSIC/Apps/Etc BACK IN.
  • This will take some time and your device will also be caused to shut off and restart on it's own.
  • A New screen appears asking you to set up your iPod/iPhone.
  • You will see the back up on your screen and should select the restore from back up option listed there. You will be prompted to install your password from the last time you backed up your computer (as stated before, this should have been the iTunes account password for the sake of consistency)

This backup too should take a few minutes.

You should be ready to go after this.
Thank you

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it still says that it the ipod is snyced with another itunes library
where do the files go when saved on my computer?
This is BS. This doesn't work. All it did was delete my additional songs on my iPhone.
I followed Dee's instructions and they did not work. I want to import contact information added/revised on my iPhone to my Yahoo contacts WITHOUT merging anything from the Yahoo account or deleting anything on the phone. Even after restore I am getting a message saying my iphone is synced to another user account. This can only be true I suppose if I have been hacked and someone else is using my ID on another machine. Still why would system restore work on EVERYTHING else (playlists text messages photos & apps) but not the phone book.
I tried this and it worked great -- but had to go through another procedure to restore apps (found it on salon).
Not sure how old this topic is, but I had this issue trying to get my Mom's iPod to get some new music.

Basically, I got this message, so I unplugged it, and plugged it back on.

On the left side of the iTunes interface (Where it lists playlists/library/etc) right click on your iPod under the Devices category.

Click on "Transfer Purchases" and you're good to go.

When the pop up comes up at the beginning that asks you if you want to do this, click cancel. answer that actually works!!! Thanks Wick :))
I have transferred my data to iTunes
if I sync my iPod to my computer will ANY data be lost like from my apps or games
Damn!! It doesnt work 4 me ;'(
i did everything you said I clicked transfer purchases and it said snchronizing and then nothin happened and I did it again and still nothing!
This helped me alot thanks :3
Finally figured this out! I had the same problem that Itunes message said it would delete files on Ipod and replace with library. So on the summary tab I checked the box for manually add and manage files (something like that) and then it allowed me to click and drag my new purchases onto my ipod. So simple after spending an hour trying to figure it out!

When I check the box for manually add and then click the box at the bottom that says "Apply" I still get a message that says I am synced to another library and asks if I want to erase and sync to the new library. Did it say this when you did it? If so did you click the tab that says "erase and sync"? I know this is being caused because it is a new computer. Very frustrating.
When it says it will erase everything - does it mean just songs/videos or does it mean ALL content on the iphone (settings, pictures, accounts, etc)? I don't mind if it clears my music, but I don't want to lose all of my apps, pictures, etc. Does anyone know? Thanks!
Yes it will because it wouldn't let me erase everything because the app purchases weren't transfered
what do you mean yes it will. only music/vid or all content of the iphone
i have the same question too... does it delete all the content included apps, my friends sync all the apps for me so I don't want to loose them.. my iphone doesn't have any music, and I want to sync with my computer but I don't know if it will delete all my apps? THanks
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Here's a possible solution to this (or a similar) problem on a Windows (7) computer:


When an iPod is plugged into the computer, iTunes automagically opens with a blank library and the user is asked to Erase and Sync the iPod because it's synced to another library. Then, if the user exits iTunes and re-opens iTunes without unplugging the iPod, the proper library with all the music appears and the iPod is recognised as a known iPod.


#1 Exit iTunes when it automatically opens when the iPod is plugged in and re-open it again from the Start menu. (temporary work around)

#2 Insert the iPod and hold down the SHIFT key until after iTunes opens (OPTION key on Mac). Release the shift key and bring iTunes to the front if it isn't already the front-most application. Navigate to the iTunes library in Music/My Music in the CURRENT user's directory and choose the iTunes file that appears (copy and paste the following into the file open dialogue that appears when you search for the iTunes library: %USERPROFILE%\Music\iTunes). This procedure should have chosen the correct iTunes library (permanent fix)

PS Lindsay with Report #35 has this problem.
in response to the original question, what you need to do is find the itunes library file. the default location on windows xp is in c:/documents and settings/(your windows account name)/my documents/my music/itunes. if you named your itunes library a custom name it will be called that name for example if you named your itunes library "fred's library" it will be c:/documents and settings/(your windows account name)/my documents/my music/itunes - a small .xml file called fred's library.xml . when you open itunes simply hold shift and select this file and your library should come back playlists and all, and as long as the original music files haven't been moved it will be like new. hope this helps :)
Worked perfectly! Thank you. January 2013
Go to the Summary tab of the IPOD, and click "Manually Manage Music and Videos"

It worked for me thank god~
Azalia is right, I just did this and it will erase your music and videos but not your iphone settings, programs, etc.
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iTunes says I am synced with another library

You mean you wanna add new songs to iPod without erasing the previous data on iPod?Since you updated the iTunes then the iTunes seems a new library for your iPod. Then you have to transfer your iPod 's content out back to your iTunes ,add new songs to the iTunes ,finally sync your iPod to the iTunes where both your iPod's songs and new songs are included. But how to transfer iPod's content back to the iTunes? I think Aniosoft iBackup is great one,which enables you to transfer iPod's music and other content to any storage device and iTunes as well. And both the backup in the storage device can be recovered and restored with no any change and no any risk.And the data in the iTunes is quite in accord with the iPod's data including its playlists,rating and etc.
So in your case,you can make a music transfer from your iPod to the iTunes in your laptop with this tool and also make a backup for the ipod's content somewhere in your laptop as well as backup file in case of the hard drive crash.
i did not let the ipod sync with the new computer; I just purchased my new music and dragged each song to my music list under my ipod. that way I was able to keep what was already synched as well as adding my new music!
Go to Summary page :

1) Take a backup first, incase you loose your data
2) Check Manage your music and videos manually
3) Check sync only checked songs and videos
4) Apply it - it will prompt stating the error.
5) Say Ok ....not a worry.
6) Sync your Iphone.

Whollla !!
what you need to do is find the itunes library file. the default on windows xp is in c:/documents and settings/(your windows account name)/my documents/my music/itunes. if you named your itunes library it will be called that name for example if you named your itunes library "fred's library" it will be c:/documents and settings/(your windows account name)/my documents/my music/itunes - a file called fred's library. when you open itunes simply hold shift and select this file and your library should come back.

this should also work if you have the automatically add to itunes library feature, the music and stuff will be in the "my music/itunes/itunes media" folder, if you copy this folder onto a new computer and press shift when starting this computers copy of itunes and select the library in the folder you have just copied it allows you to transfer the library and thereby the syncing with thatr library to a new computer without erasingh your device.

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