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I'm running Windows XP.
I'm using IE 8 and Adobe Flash is installed (and has been reinstalled many times) but still doesn't work. Videos on YouTube don't play. I just get a blank white space where the video should be. When trying to download Adobe Flash, the ActiveX gold bar won't come down therefore nothing happnes. I click "download" and stare at the Adobe screen while it does nothing. When I use Safari, everything works just fine. I've used Safari to download Adobe and even reinstall IE. All pages come up normally including all YouTube videos. I'm extremely frustrated with whatever the heck is wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Open your IE browser. Goto TOOLS, and select INTERNET OPTIONS

You will want to go to the "home tab", or GENERAL TAB

In the Browsing History Section click on DELETE.

You will want to delete TEMP INTERNET FILES.

Open a new browser, and try your application again. This should give you the yellow bar with the Active X notification.

In some cases you may have to go to tools > internet options > Security Tab > Custom Level. You may have to prompt all of the ACTIVE X area.

The one to look for is Down Load Unsigned Active X Controls.

What I am describing is common to setting up Video Surveillance DVRs, and I think this may work for you as well.

The reason for the prompt with the unsigned active x is that sometimes companies do not want to pay Microsoft so that the company can get a signed certificate. They just issue a certificate without contacting MS, and without that prompt activated then you will never see a yellow bar on your browser.

Those with issues with DVRs may have to put in the IP address, and follow it with a colon, and the port number.
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I think you are trying to install the ActiveX (Flash player) from a non-administrative account, what you need to do is login with your administrator account and install flash the same way you're doing it rigth now.

But i truly recommend you to install Mozilla Firefox, if you haven't, you will find is incredibly faster than IE.
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several problems have been noticed with IE 8.

uninstall it and then install IE 7.

this will work fine.

or you may use Mozilla Firefox browser.
I've uninstalled IE 8 correctly and installed IE 7 but I'm having the same problems. When I try and download anything from Adobe (through IE) the ActiveX bar never drops down so I'm unable to do anything.

This may have all started happening after I used Symantic, Spybot, and SUPERAntiSpyware to find and clean problems. I'm not sure if that would have effected anything, but that's some more information on my situation.

Any other thoughts for me?

Thanks again!
same thing happens 2 me