Limit number of downloads on BitTorrent

Limit number of downloads on BitTorrent

Downloading multiple torrents at the same time can slow down the speed of the download. However, you can adjust your settings and set the preferences to get the most out of BitTorrent without losing speed and performance. Here's how to adjust the number of simultaneous downloads on BitTorrent.

What is the limit of downloads of BitTorrent?

By default, BitTorrent supports a Maximum number of active torrents of 8 and a maximum number of active downloads of 5. But if you indeed have a high bandwidth and there are a lot of people sharing the files you're looking for, then you can adjust these numbers to your preferences.

How to limit the number of downloads on BitTorrent?

  • Click on the Options menu > Preferences > Queueing.
  • In the Queue settings section (right pane), you can freely edit these values.
  • Validate with the OK button.
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