My PC is unable to boot through BIOS

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I have a Lenovo PC, I don't really remember the specs, since I'm not a computer expert, not even intermediate skills :)

Lately, my PC has been really slow. I suspected there might be a virus, or something else, so I decided to reset my PC, to remove all of my files, apps, settings, and reinstall Windows.

I thought that the process would take a long time, so I decided to sleep first (since it was 1 AM at the time) while waiting for my PC to reset. I checked my PC to confirm that it was actually resetting (It did say "Resetting 1%"). Then, I woke up after 5-6 hours or so, and I thought I would at least see some kind of progress, like at least 50-60% complete? But I saw my computer wasn't doing anything. It was stuck at the Lenovo logo (like the one when you boot the PC), and it wasn't resetting, or doing anything. It was stuck there, just like that. My keyboard also wouldn't work.

I tried to press the Num Lock key and the Caps Lock key, but the keyboard wouldn't respond. I decided to wait for several hours to see if the problem would resolve by itself, but nothing changed. I decided to find help online (like anybody would), and there was this site that told me to try to force shut down my computer, and then turn it back on. I did that, and when it turned on, I saw the exact same thing (the Lenovo logo), but it wouldn't boot Windows. It was in the exact same state as before.

Then, I tried another method mentioned on the site, which was to remove all external peripheral connected to the computer (mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.). I did that, and when my PC turned on, there was a beep, and an error message saying "No keyboard detected". Then the screen just went blank. So I tried to restart it, with only the keyboard connected. There was no error this time, but it just went back to the same Lenovo logo, just like before. So here I am now, trying to find help on any site possible.

Any help is appreciated :D

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Sep 10, 2018 at 05:46 AM

there is a sticker on your Lenovo which will tell you the make/model.

what is it?

When the system first starts, the following message will be displayed on a blank screen:

To Start the Product Recovery program, press F11

follow steps on screen.