Folder Lock 7.7.6 keeps hanging up

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Operating: Windows 10 32-bit

I have the latest version of Folder Lock, ver 7.7.6 and it's installed on my Dell Inspiron 17 laptop, and on 2 new 8GB Western Digital My Books and a Seagate Backup Plus 5GB. I created 2 lockers on each external drive, all at the max size of 2TB. Each of these lockers will, if I ever get Folder Lock to transfer properly, hold between 1 and 1 1/2 TB. I've been transferring several TB of data to the new drives over a period of weeks but Folder Lock keeps hanging up on me and wont respond. Once that happens I have to shut off the computer manually.

Recently, after a reboot, all my Folder Lock lockers were gone. When I opened Folder Lock, the "Encrypt Files" tab was empty. There should have been 6 lockers there. The size on the 3 external drives was correct so the data was there, but there were no lockers.

After two days of hand-wringing I finally found my lockers in "My Documents" on my C drive. I also noticed that my 2TB hard drive was completely full, with only about 2GB free. My C drive is so full that my computer is running extremely slow.

#1 - Why does Folder Lock keep hanging up when I'm transferring folders between external hard drives? Is there some cap on transfers I'm missing?

#2 - Why is there data on my C drive when I’m only moving from one external drive to another? Why has Folder Lock placed so much data on my computer that it barely runs? How do I clear it out? The data I'm transferring was never on the C drive to begin with, it was just an external drive to external drive transfer.

I've contacted Folder Lock support 3 times now. Each time they respond with, " the latest version here...." Thats apparently some default that goes into every email they ever send out. The only "help" they've givem me so far was (after I told them all my lockers had disappeared)

"Your lockers were switched into your local drive, so search them into windows search bar."

This grammatically poor response was 3 days after I had found my lockers on my own.

Folder Lock support is extremely poor. I'm still waiting for a response to the last email I sent them. In the meantime I'm hoping someone here might be able to offer some advice.

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Well, this is too little too late, but there is a built in bitlocker on windows 10. Did you look at the support pge before you decided on this option? Nope, no-one ever does! Always look for the support first before jumping into this stuff! Here comes the hard sell, they will sell you a fix! Oh, that is a stable business model, if your files are important enough!

What they mean by your files are switched, they mean that a KEY is placed on the C drive. If you had to replace the C drive, or if you re-imaged the C drive, the key would just go BYE BYE, and there would be nothing you can do about it!