How to find your Steam screenshot folder: on Windows, Mac

How to find your Steam screenshot folder: on Windows, Mac

Have you just made a screenshot of the best moment of your gaming life and can't find it in Steam? Don't worry, your screenshot is saved in Steam and your computer, and we'll help you find it. Read on!

How to find your Steam screenshot folder for any game?

You can find the screenshots from your games directly via Steam.

  • Open Steam and click View > Screenshots.
  • From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the name of the game and click Show on Disk.
  • It will open the screenshot folder on your computer and you can browse through them.

How to find your Steam screenshots manually?

Another way to find your Steam screenshots is to do it via your hard drive.

Depending on your computer,  you will find a Steam folder at these locations:

  • Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  • MacOS:
~/Library/Application Support/Steam
  • Linux:

The subfolder is probably located at:

... Steam\userdata\<AccountNumber>\760\remote\<GameNumber>\screenshots

Steam sorts your screenshots by games, but to find the right folder you have to have the game's application ID because Steam doesn't name a folder after a game but after its ID (that you can easily find here or on similar web resources).

Place the game ID to <GameNumber> and your account number to <AccountNumber> and you will find your Steam screenshots folder for a specific game.

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