Smart TV 55" needs repair but receipt lost [Solved/Closed]

 Maricor -
Hi. Our Smart TV suddenly went black. When we opened it the Smart Tv is being shown then it's gone. But it has red light its just doesn't have picture. And the second thing we've lost the receipt was bought 3 years ago. We are currently here in UAE.So we're not sure if they would accept our TV for repair without the proof of purchase.

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So what's the question?
Sorry for not indicating the problems.

My question is: Is it possible to bring our Samsung Smart TV for repair even without the proof of purchase? If not then how can we fix our TV problem with no picture, no sound but has a red light? We live here in UAE. We bought that TV here 3 years ago.

I'd call a repair company. You shouldnt need proof of purchase
Thank you so so much. That means a lot.

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