Repair an MP3 audio file: online, via iTunes

Repair an MP3 audio file: online, via iTunes

It is not uncommon for an MP3 music file to get damaged during the download or ripping process. In case of damage, it's easy to repair an MP3 audio file using suitable software. Here's how.

How to repair an MP3 audio file using iTunes?

Basically with iTunes, you can use the conversion feature to reconvert your files to MP3 format again. This process should remove the broken parts and completely fix the file.

  • Open iTunes on your computer and select the broken MP3 file that you want to fix.
  • Select the file and click on the File menu at the top, then Convert > Create MP3 Version.
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  • This will create another MP3 version of your original broken file but without any of the errors or broken sections.

How to repair an MP3 audio via online software?


MP3Val is a free, high speed software to check the integrity of MP3 audio files. It can be used to find corrupted files and can fix an array of problems. It can run on both Windows and Linux.

MP3 Repair Tool

MP3 Repair Tool Is a basic software that can remove frames from either the beginning or the end of an MP3 audio file. In this way it's more of a basic tool that is useful for beginners or people with less experience but it is very intuitive and can restore playback capabilities.

Here are some further tools to try to repair audio files that have either damaged or missing frames:

  • For MP3 files classic: MP3Fixer
  • For files encoded in MP3 VBR (Variable Bitrate): VbrFix
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