PC won't boot.

sam - Jun 10, 2009 at 11:00 AM
 sam - Jun 11, 2009 at 06:00 AM

my PC refuses to boot.

here are the sequence.

DAY 1: CMOS fails to keep date. SOLUTION: hit DEL and load optimized settings.

DAY 2: PC shuts down by it self. (more like power off) SOLUTION: push start button. obviously!

came DAY 3, DAY 2 problems gets worst, and NIGHTMARE starts.

early diagnose suggest that CPU fan may be clogged. so I pulled out the fan for the P4 2.66. NOTE: i did not pull power cord off from the supply. what an idiot. the heatsink was very hot at the time.

i vacuumed the heatsink. and put it back in. NOTE: no new grease applied.

symptom now, everything moves, but pc wont boot. monitor remains blank.

reset cmos - no effect
pulled out RAM - no effect
push power on then plug in power cord - no effect.

I am so poor that i cannot afford any new costs. i believe this problem can be solved, its just that i am non-technical person. Please help.


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Jun 10, 2009 at 11:06 AM

I will advise you to boot your pc on safe mode! Then try to do a system restore!
hello there, greetings 1st replier!

i'm sorry. like i said, nothing comes on. no BEEP, no nothing. anything software ruled out. tq
ok. i've got a development now. the PC can now start after i dismantled everything and put them back together. i honestly dont know the cause.

but these problems persists

1- CMOS checksum, i had to DEL and load optimized cmos settings and readjust time as it reverts to year 2003.

2- after a few minues the PC decides to shut down itself abruptly. when i restart the push button it loads windows and then shuts down itself after a few minutes.

3- it would hang for a few minutes during "detecting IDE drives", then load windows and then shuts itself down again.

any gurus out there, really need ur help. tq.