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What should i do i don't if i ruined my whatsapp by updating it is stucked in optimizing whatsapp(95) i can't see masseges can not see any thing all it shows is optimizing whatsapp
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It takes a long time to optimize in the Tizen OS. I suggest you wait a few hours and see if the problem is solved. Otherwise, Reboot of the phone sometimes fix this error but if it doesn`t better uninstall and reinstall whatsapp to fix the error and deficiency. I suggest you forward your contacts to your email first because if you will reinstall whatsapp it can not save your contacts.

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No this not the solution of this problem after 95 optimizing whatsapp after some time automatically it stop and then when I again on the whatsapp again it's start initializing from 1 nd again stop at 95 so what to do know
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