Troubble by signing in my Gmail to iPhone

Jacob - Updated on Nov 22, 2018 at 02:59 PM
 Jacob - Nov 22, 2018 at 07:38 PM

Hi google . I’m Jacob. I try to find a help ,by google about a very rare issue in my email account. I tried to send a email to google,several times,and nobody has responded.
The problem is I short .that I have an iPhone, and it’s not the first one that makes very weird.
Some page in the Phone(the page that shows about location of the recent calls- that uses “location system “is flickering,and when it does,than the battery of the device is dropping down extremely fast

I have contacted Apple several times and I have physically visited them in the apple store I Europe ,and they’ve absolutely confirmed That the phone/s self is perfect,after checking the device/s software and hardware of course.but it seems to be,that something with the stuff that I put on my phone is wrong. And they are right,because I had the same problems with 4 different iPhones, and nobody can explain it.So after rebooting my phones and checking all kind of checking,it seems that the problems are appearing ,right a way when I signed in my email account to my iPhone.

and it is not an app or something like that that causes the issue! because I have tried the phone ,after rebooting ,with out any app installed!That means,that the phone self was checked,and the SIM card also ,everything looks fine ,except when I signed my email. So I ask if someone,can please guide me here ,and see what is possible to do ,the issue is extremely disturbing me !
Thanks a lot google

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You seem to believe that you wrote to Google, you are mistaken! We are
I didnt mistaken, iT is just that wrote this to google too. But I ask from the forum for advice. Thanks
I didnt mistaken, iT is just that wrote this to google too. But I ask from the forum for advice. Thanks
What is your iPhone's version?
Thanks a lot Jules, the thing is that the sign in ,is in the iPhone self. By password an accounts. And then is the trouble. Not when I sign in the gmail app. So actually I could avoid using the email app from the iPhone an using only the gmail app from google. But what can I do that my Apple ID is also bugged. And then the problem comes again! What I mean is that actually I could change all my email and Apple ID ,and maybe also my phone number. So the hacker will loose track of me.
First ,I cannot change my email address. It will ruined my contact with people or services. That I use. And second that I want to find out what it is !
Thanks a lot Jules
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Nov 22, 2018 at 06:38 PM

I lost you here: "So the hacker will loose track of me."
What? You are the hacker mayby that lost track. lol