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Tuesday December 4, 2018
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December 4, 2018
First I would want to mention that my iPhones WiFi is not working and was told to use only cellular data options( from service Centre). But I want some inputs regarding internet access via Bluetooth. I need internet access on my iPhone via Bluetooth from my router ..

My router gives WiFi signals , has two USB ports and numerous LAN ports . Is there a way I can connect a Bluetooth dongle to my router and make my router give internet through the Bluetooth transmitter so that I can access internet on my iPhone through Bluetooth ? Any other suggestions to bring internet to my phone via Bluetooth ?

Thanks In advance .

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 12.0
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Wednesday October 8, 2008
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December 13, 2018
Thank you
The Router is unable to function with a Bluetooth dongle. The dongle requires a PC OS to function.
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