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My son's gmail account was hacked into by another kid who plays online games with him. This occurred on 12-1-18. I have sent numerous email requesting assistance & have got 1 security code that was suppose to be good for 7 days, but did not work on day 3.

I have since gotten no further communication as to how we can recover his account. I have the persons name & telephone #. He changed the recovery email & password to his information. He did this in order to obtain control of my sons EPIC account & access to my sons Fortnite game.

I have provided Epic with a wealth of information to verify our account, they have since deactivated the account so the hacker could no longer have control & are attempting to recover all of my sons purchases. This kid has cost us over $1200 at this point. He also runs a YouTube channel, FSNRIOT, which is associated with his own account. The day he hacked my son gmail & Epic account, he even uploaded a video of him & my son playing. He has since taken a majority of videos down.

I would highly appreciate any assistance on this matter. The person who has the account did so on 12-1-18. We live in FL, he lives in Alabama. The previous # associated with the account can be provided if needed. Thank you for any assistance I can get. We plan to pursue this to the furthest degree possible.

The kid has played with my son on various games for over a year now and then targets my son who is younger than he. My son had been friends with him for a good while, hacking his

Was the last thing he thought he would need to consider. EPIC has also heightened security on the account to try and help make sure this kid has not hacked any further in to the situation

Thank you,
Staci V

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If your Gmail has been hacked and your information changed, you will need to follow the identity verification process to recover it. Check out this article for how to get started.

Do you also have access to your phone number registered on the account?

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