Computer starts, doesn’t boot, no display, keyboard and mouse don’t work


I shut down my computer and unplugged it to move it across the room. When I plugged it back in, it powers up, all fans spin, power light comes on but display, keyboard and mouse doesn’t work. Keyboard num lock light turns on but won’t turn off/on by clicking button. Caps and scroll lock also won’t turn on/off.

Monitor, vga cable, keyboard and mouse works on another computer so they are fine.

There were no/one beep codes when powered on. When I first power it on a slight 1 beep can be heard but it’s not the same kind of “beep” that you hear when you remove RAM and try and power on. So not sure if what I’m hearing is an actual beep.

I unplugged everything but power cord, mouse, and keyboard, reseated the RAM, tried RAM in another slot, took out the battery to clear BIOS and left overnight, switched BIOS jumper to configure, switches BIOS number back to normal. Line side of PSU has good voltage, 119.5v. CPU is working because the heat sink is warm.

I don’t have extensive computer knowledge so any help that I have not tried would be very much appreciated.
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Thank you
It appears that one of the power cables to the motherboard might have been disconnected during the move. Depending on the M/B there may be as many as three connections.

I would disconnect the power cord - open the case and disconnect/reconnect all the M/B power cables.

Good Luck
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