Pc doesnt boot but keyboard lights up [Closed]

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Hello, i have been having a weird issue regarding rebooting
So i have recently gotten an upgrade from an a8 7600 apu to a g4560
Everytime I reboot the pc, the pc stops displaying pretty quick (no probs) but the lights turn off really slowly, and after the lights turn off completely, my keyboard backlit stays on.
So it doesnt display anymore and my solution is just to unplug the pc, wait a few seconds, and plug it in again.
After plugging it in, it was able to boot.
Can anyone help me with this problem?
This is annoying af while trying to install drivers that need rebooting.

System Configuration: Android / SamsungBrowser 8.2

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Go to your motherboard manufacturer website and get the latest firmware update for your motherboard. Follow instructions on their support site to apply the update.
Its Asrock, and its a B250M-PRO4 motherboard
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Ty standby
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Is it 250 or 350? I do not see any 250. If it is 250, they have no updates or do not support it any longer.
Its a 250, if i can't update the firmware. What should I do?
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Put the old cpu in until you get an updated motherboard, or just unplug and plug.

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