Copy a range of Data in Column with a loop

ChrisZ - Mar 12, 2019 at 07:14 PM
 ChrisZ - Mar 13, 2019 at 09:18 AM
Dear all,
May I ask your help for a macro which allowed me to copy a range (column) 16350 times :-)
On D5 to D369 I have a formula which do a random calculation.
On F4 to XEA4 I have a number from 1 to 16,350
I need a macro which copy the range D5 to D369 on range F5 to F369 (F4=1);G5 to G369 (F5=2) and so on till XEA5 which is the 16,350 columns...
I need the macro ended when it reach the number 16,350 or XEA4
thank you very much for your help
I hope I was clear as a beginner in VBA
thank you

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Mar 13, 2019 at 08:00 AM
Is this homework? Why a random number?
Hi, the goal is to simulate a lot of different scenario by using the Random formula. Thank you