UI frameworks for a game written in Java

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I'm mostly completed with a supervisor/reproduction game I'm making. As a result of the particular idea of the undertaking, I chose to compose the whole of the game rationale in unadulterated Java (it's what I'm the most alright with) rather than utilizing a diversion motor like GameMaker or GoDot. In any case, it's coming to the heart of the matter now where I need to begin making the UI. While I've worked with Java Swing previously, I didn't observe it to be the most pleasant or adaptable experience. I'd like to utilize web advancements (HTML, CSS, JS) to make a decent outwardly spellbinding UI since I've made sites previously. How would I do this, however?

TLDR: I've made a game utilizing Java. I need this amusement to be discharged on Steam (along these lines, it should be an executable, not a site page or web application), yet I need to utilize Web Technologies to do this. How would I do this?

Thanks in advance.
Antonia Cummins

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"to make a decent outwardly spellbinding UI since I've made sites previously". You have made them already. Port it into an already made interface.

You already stated the web technologies you need, so what are you asking?

Because your requirement is a final product of executilable, you will need a run time compiler. What engine? Look at UNITY 3D.