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I have no IP address in my system details. I have wireless network but can't connect ps3 after trying all suggested methods.

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No ip means you have not successfully connected to wifi. At this point the only thing to check is the password for the network. Does other devices connect?
My other devices connect
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Its password then, or wifi not in range.
Okay thank you
Checked password again but on test ps3 failed to obtain IP address, connection to access point timed out
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Ok, then ypu need to check if your wifi is broadcasting on the G band. It sounds like it is N enabled.

Contact your isp technical support amd have them verify your router is broadcasting on B, G, and N.

Here is the techincal reason: the ps3 uses the G band. The router is set up to ise N. The N band uses the G band for receive, and the N band to send. The ps3 is sending its request to the network on the G band, and the router is responding on the N band, which the ps3 cannot receive ot because it does not have the frequency equipment to receive it.

To make the change, Contact ypur isp.

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