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I changed phones..now I can't get into my original account..what can I do to retrieve my original account ...And I don't have my original email address

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 69.0.3497.100

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You do not. Why did your email change just because you got a new phone? This make no sense. Anyway, this is not a technical issue but an account management one, and we cannot assist with issues such as these.

Never said my email changed because of my new phone....I stopped using the email years ago n my daughter and I share a email address..I haven't been in my old email account in years so that's why I don't remember anything about it
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Um excuse me, but you did say you Do Not have access to the original email.

Once again, the answer is still the same, there is nothing anyone can do, if you cannot retreive an email, or a sms message.

Yes I can't get into my original account but I do have access to a email account...just not the one I used when I created my Facebook account
How can you change the email if you cant login?

How can you eat pudding when you cant eat your meat?

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