TV display zoomed in too far to do anything [Closed]

 BigSwish -

I connected my laptop to my TV because the screen is broken. In messing with the settings to improve the display, I accidentally caused it to zoom in to the point where the start menu icon fills the screen and I can't do anything with the mouse or even see anything but the bottom corner of the screen. What can I do?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 73.0.3683.90

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Try pressing ctrl and the minus sign.

I tried that, but it's not just zoomed in within a window, but the whole desktop screen is way zoomed, to where only the bottom left maybe 5% of the desktop screen fills my whole TV screen. I can't manipulate anything
So I'm looking for maybe a succession of keyboard commands or other way to restore default settingsw ithout using the mouse or seeing the screen.

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