Canned responses are sending from gmail, but not reaching their destination [Closed]

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I am a volunteer coordinator who receives loads of interest from Indeed. These Indeed applicants need to fill out a separate application on our website, so I send the same reply to every Indeed applicant directing them to our website. This works fine, but is time consuming; hence, the need for a canned response.

I took the following steps:

1. Set up a Canned Response to emails from subject: applied on Indeed (which is always in the subject line of the Indeed applicants)
2. I sent an email with using my personal email directly to my work email with "applied on Indeed" in the subject line. I received the canned response, so I was satisfied.
3. I checked my Sent folder to see that loads of canned responses were being sent out to every Indeed applicant, so everything seemed great.
4. I then learned that people applying from Indeed's "Apply Now" button were not receiving the canned response, despite it being sent. I verified this by applying from Indeed myself using a personal email. I did not receive a response.

So, the issue has something to do with the Canned Response AND the Apply Now button together, but neither are an issue on their own. I know that Indeed gives people a different email address when they apply directly from the site. I also know that gmail does the same with canned responses. Does it have to do with this? Hopefully someone understands this!



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Interesting, someone else was having this same issue here. You should search for canned messages here.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I can and have verified that it is not being sent to spam by submitting applications through two different personal emails. Basically going through the exact process as applicants. There is nothing in my spam, despite the work email having received my personal email application from Indeed, and then having sent the canned message from my work email back to my personal Indeed profile.

The only thing I can think of is that Indeed is blocking canned responses to the messages sent using their Apply Now button.
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I am certain you are correct.

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