Help recovering my email address pls [Closed]

 Abdi -

I am Bernard Solomon .

Please help me I could not access my yahoi account just yesterday

Please help me with useful hints it's my personal email address for my quiz Trip's for Childrens. Response can be sent to my colic email.


System Configuration: Android / Chrome 69.0.3497.100

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Hi Bernard Solomon

go to this link, I hope this can help you"
Thank you

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment

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We dont have any helpful tips. If you have not registered a mobile number or a recovery email address, the yahoo account is lost. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

Write down the account info and put it into a safe place from now on!

Dear hi tech team I have the telephone numbers in registering it .
Please help to set my email account I beg of you. It's my cooperate accout
( ***@*** )

Thanks for your understanding


Bernard Solomon .
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Please do not not beg, it is not dignified.

We dont have access to email accounts. We are a free technical forum. This is not a technical issue, but an account management one. We cannot assist woth account managament issues!

Please direct me to the right commities ok
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Go to the login page of whatever email you are trying. Click forgot password. It is that simple. If you cannot follow the instructions for whatever reason, there is nothing that we can do for you that you cannot do for yourself.

Pls pay attention to this as it is a vital issues my mail my informations to who can help us get it on..

Perhaps I have violated your rules and regulations which I really can't figure out .

The team in charge should help put it back again some kind of help here our Hi Tech team .

Bernard Solomon
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Dearest bernard,

You are seriously mistaken about who you are communicating with. We do not need to pay attention. We have given you about all of the attention we can. We are CCM.NET. You have not contacted anyone that can assist you with your account issues. If you do not understand this, it is clear that you do not understand what most written communication is trying to inform you of; things like rules of using your accounts, or just plain information that can help you.

Please put down the devices, and go to the park and enjoy a game of rocks or checkers, or swing on the swings or something that is not technical. You do not seem to be able to grasp the whole internet of things!

We cannot help you. I did nkt write we will not help you, but WE CANNOT!

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