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System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 67.0

Is there a way to send the same email to multiple contacts without individually inserting contacts to CC/BB manually. Ive searched but only found answers to older versions of Yahoo mail.

For eg I set up a Yahoo email account solely for emailing club members (70) the same information at the same time

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Can you not create a group in Yahoo mail?
Thanks for reply, there is no check box to allow to pick multiple contacts let alone be able to make a group. I have a contact list on right hand side of Yahoo mail and will only allow me to pick contacts individually. On the versions Ive found on youtube the contacts are on left hand side and have check boxes

I guess you do not understand what a group is. See this
Thanks ac3mar, Ive tried that but as I stated above I cannot pick multiple contacts....only single contacts that then go into the address bar. There is no option to click many and add to a group or list
I guess yahoo is broken for you. I have no problem. Try a different browser.

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