Share multiple contacts: iPhone, Android

Share multiple contacts: iPhone, Android

Sharing multiple contacts at once can help you save time rather than adding contacts individually. In this tutorial we are going to look at sharing multiple contacts on Android phones and to see if it possible on an iPhone.

How to share multiple contacts on iPhone?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to send multiple contacts to someone on the iPhone. You can share contacts individually, but you need to download an app with this feature.

How to share multiple contacts on Android?

Open the Contacts app and tap on More > Share:

Select the contacts you want to share by ticking the checkboxes appearing next to their names and then tap on the Share button:

Select the method you want to use to share the contacts file. You can choose to send the vCard file via Bluetooth, email, text message, Wi-Fi Direct or upload it to Dropbox:

Share multiple contacts as one file or individually

Sometimes when you send multiple contacts to a device a single one is being received. This happens because Samsung Galaxy S6 share multiple contacts as a single file (default setting) and the receiving device doesn't support this feature. To remedy to this situation, open the Contacts app, tap on the More button and then on Settings. Scroll to the More Settings section and tap on Share Multiple Contacts:

Select Individually - Share multiple contacts individually:

Tap on the Back key and try to share the contacts again.

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