Is my CPU Faulty? Ryzen 5 3600. [Closed]

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I Purchased my Ryzen 5 3600 2 weeks ago, I've been trying to use it with 2 different MOBOs and doesn't work properly. The first one was my old AB350-HDV From ASRock updated to the latest BIOS (5.90) but doesn't boot, the fans are On, the leds from the Keyboard are on, but it doesn't start even the "ASRock Screen" . So i decided to buy another MOBO, this time an Aorus B450M, again i updated to the latest drivers F42a and it boots, but keeps rebooting in the windows screen, i tried disconnecting the SSD to enter directly to the BIOS and it freezes no matter what. However both MOBOs works perfectly with my old Ryzen 3 1200, no crashes, no freezes.

Things i already did:
Clean SO Install with latest AMD Drivers and using Ryzen Balanced Powerplan before swapping processors.
I'm using 2 different modules of DDR4 RAM, Hyperx @ 2133 mhz, and Corsair @ 2400 mhz, none of those work separated or together.
Changing the CPU Fan.
Clear both CMOS.
The only thing i didn't try so far is changing the PSU (EVGA 430W) but i'm using a 1050ti with no additional PCIe power connector so i don't think it's the problem.

So, should I RMA the processor or what should I do or try?

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First off, the specifications of the two cpus do not match. The 5 is a pcie4, and you are trying to place it into a pcie 3 slot on an older motherboard.

Then ram, Yes they have to be identical! The clock speed of the 5 is 3200Mhz, and you have 2133Mhz ram.

The specicifications of the hardware all have to match.

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