Access a user acount of one os from another

 Leo -

I have two operating systems in my computer( Both Windows XP ) . There is some problem with one of the os system. Whenever i select that os system an error occurs and my computer is restarted. The User account in that os is password protected. I am able to access all other data in my computer but the one that are in my document section of the password protected section is not accessible. How do I access those datas???

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You will need to enter the exact password or else you won't be able to access it!
I Know that much!!!!!!!!!! and also i know the password ... but the problem is that it is not asking the password!!!!!!!!

Due to error in the os the welcome screen doesn't appear..
So how am i to enter the password?????????
I am facing a similar problem.
Do let me know if u gt any solution.