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 iamanid10t -
You gave a suggestion for a sleep shortcut for win 7 but when I tried to wake the computer it had to "restart Win 7"

I want a shortcut that operates the same as Start/slide to arrow beside shutdown and pick on sleep

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You would think with all of the COMPUTER EXPERTS that are writing all of the outdated reviews would be able to take some time to answer SUCH AN EASY QUESTION! Perhaps, they are not EXPERTS at all, but really a room full of monkeys slapping away at keyboards until a legible sentence is typed!

The simple answer to this is to change your default action of pressing the power button. Change it to Sleep.

Follow this instruction:
For Windows 7, click the Start button The Start button, click Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click Power Options.
Do one of the following:
If you’re using a desktop, tablet, or laptop, select Choose what the power buttons do. Next to When I press the power button, select Sleep, and then select Save changes.
If you’re using only a laptop, select Choose what closing the lid does. Next to When I close the lid, select Sleep, and then select Save changes.
When you’re ready to make your PC sleep, just press the power button on your desktop, tablet, or laptop, or close your laptop’s lid.

I found this here :

Experts, I think not!
Thank you

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