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Reinstalling windows xp over windows 7


Hello, I want to reinstall Windows XP......Becoz I just did'nt like Windows 7, But whenever I click on Install , A dialog box appears nd says th...

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Intel rapid storage technology net framework 4.5 issue


Hello, Issue on my other computer is installing Intel rapid storage driver. "The setup program ended prematurely because of the following error: T...

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Memory (ram),i have 4gb,but 3.46 usable


I was use Win7 32bits, after format computer Win7 64bits,Installed memory still 4.00Gb (3.46 usable) I can't use full ram ? -- I'm ...

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My accer aspire 3810tg bluetooth not working


Hello, my Acer Aspire 3810TG has a bluetooth logo on the F3 button but the bluetooth is not working, i want to know if the Acer Aspire 3810TG has or...

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Elena Keracheva  

My acer laptop is stuck on the acer loading screen


Hello, My laptop is stuck on the Acer screen and it turns into a black screen. I want to get back home screen. What should I do? Thanks!

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Version windows 7 n'est pas authentique.


Bonjour toute l'Equipe il m'est un grand plaisir de vous retrouver. Ma question est : A chaque instant je reçois le message suivant : votre copie win...

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David Webb  

My hp laptop is freezing with the logo faded


Hello, My hp nx6110 once fell and now when i try to boot it,it freezes on the logo faded When i apply force at the right side near the mouse it so...

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Version of windows its running on


I'm using windows 7 it was on laptop (2nd hand) but I'm unsure witch windows 7 it is

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Disk partition d:\ not appear in computer, i can't explorer it or open it ?


I have a problem with my device, which is that "Disk Partiton D:/ Backup Data" I do not appear in Computer You notice the pictures, as you see in the...

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How to convert windows 7 folder to bootable iso file


Can anybody help me in creating bootable an ISO file from a folder copied from Windows 7 installation DVD? Please help me my windows Dvd is not workin...

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Probleme après une restauration du système windows 7


Bonjour je viens de faire un restauration a l'état d'usine de mon pc portable et après quand il ses ouvert c'est aller sur configuration du système qu...

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Warcraft 3 small screen in win 7


Hello, when I play warcraft 3 in win 7 , the screen is small , but it never happen when I use vistaSystem Configuration: Windows 7 Internet Explorer ...

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No audio output device is installed


Hello, I upgraded from windows xp to 7 professional everything is fine except no sound. On bottom right corner there is speaker with a x in red cir...

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How to create a system repair usb tool win7


Hi All, Attempting to load files as instructed in above article, and find no such file (see below) in my Win7 Home Premium system: C:Recovery486...

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Hello, {{2*2}}

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Aoife McCambridge  

Can't see files or desktop icons...malware?


Hello, For some reason I can't see any of my files or desktop icons. I couldn't access task manager for a while so I ran a Malwarebytes scan, remo...

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Sleep shortcut for windows 7


You gave a suggestion for a sleep shortcut for win 7 but when I tried to wake the computer it had to "restart Win 7" I want a shortcut that operate...

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Computer keeps freezing after a few minutes after startup


Hello guys, my computer keeps freezing after a few minutes. This happened after I reformat my computer and within three days it freezes every few minu...

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Hey its still a black screen for me


I've restarted my laptop more times than i can count, i have restarted windows explorer several times, and the only thing i can open is with 1 the sho...

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Files missing even after removing the shortcut virus


Hi, I am using window 7, Dell Core i7. Previously my external hardisk was infected by virus and it turned to shortcut. I have tried all the m...

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Can not find script file


Hello, I am not able to find script file. "C:\users\person1\appdata\roaming\nkyry\llqijajq.js". I don't know how to solve this problem. Will...

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Attrib command in win 7


Hello, I have windows seagate 1TB external hard drive was infected....I removed the infections....but all my folders are hidden

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How to split number and text in excel into different columns


Good day Please assist with a formula what I can use to split text and number from one column into two columns. This is what I have COLUMN A A...

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Can't erase a cd on windows 7


Hello, I am unable to erase a CD on my computer.

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Security center service


Why should I disable the Security Center service? Is not it better to be active?

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Blue screen


Hello, My PC brings a blue screen upon booting then it shuts down. What could be the problem and how do you help me fix the problem

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Can't find vlc media player


Hello, I just downloaded the VLC media player and it said it downloaded and yet its nowhere on my computer please give me an answer thank you :-) ...

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Unable to install windows xp over windows 7


Hello, I have installed windows 7 and I want to switch back to windows XP.But I am not able to install it.All the time it gives a blue screen and sa...

Last reply on 19 Apr 2018 by

Split monitor into 4 and scaling apps to fit


Hi All, I have a strange request (as always). I'm not quite sure where this fits, so please feel free to change the category if you think it belong...

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Error code 10 in windows 7


'm using A NeXT2USB USB adapter to run a NeXT keyboard. I keep getting a Code 10 under Windows 7 Pro x64. I've been able to get it to work under XP, V...

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No sound on lcd tv with hdmi 7


Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 Laptop, was having no problem using an HDMI cable to send what was on my laptop display to my TV. Video and S...

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System 32 not opening!!!!


Hello, What can I do if system32 is not being opened....... System Configuration: Android / Chrome 62.0.3202.84

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Unhide a folder in windows 7 using command prompt


Hi, How to unhide a folder in Windows 7 using command prompt if I have forgotten the folder name?

Last reply on 2 Dec 2017 by

Windows left nothing after clicking end process


Hello, and thanks for taking time to read this. It's a very loooooong story. It happened after my antivirus freezes. After that, the end process me...

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Usb does not show in computer


Hello , I am trying to fix the problem of USB inserted showing on Windows . My OS is Windows 7 Basic Whenever I insert a USB Flashdrive or Ex...

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Windows script host error message


When system has started I always receive a error "windows script host" Loading script "c:\..\...\..temp\servieca.vbs" failed. (The process can not acc...

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Restore internet default


Was Firefox my default internet last September, 2017?

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Gta san andreas will not launch in windows 7


Hello, I have gta san an dreas. It works in xp but not works in windows 7? How I can play GTA SAN AN DREAS in windows 7? System Config...

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Browsers hang and don't respond


About 6 weeks ago, following a Java update and a waterfox update, all potential browsers stopped working or become responsive, except IE (but not work...

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Laptop working very very slow hanging


My acer aspire e1 431 laptop working very very slow works correctly in safe mode.unable to work normal mode help me . . . ultimate 32 bit

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5.1 not working in windows 7


Hello, I installed the windows 7 rc build 7100. The drivers for my sound-blaster 5.1 card were updated online. But, then my 5.1 speakers is not get...

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Can't get my computer out of safe mode


Hello, My Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop running Windows 7 will only boot up into safe mode and I can't get the system to restore to a previous point. ...

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Adobe flash reader


please i have been trying to download adobe flash reader for window 7 but everything i did, it keep on telling me that i have downloaded the old adobe

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Ie* problems on windows 7


Hello, Ihad Vista Home premium 64 bit. Then I upgraded to windows 7 64 bit home premium. No problems. Please note that my cable modem and router ...

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Cd-rom/dvd drive won't work (windows 7)


Hello, When I put a CD-R or any disc in my system, it does not read it. When I went to Start > Computer and double click DVD RW Drive, it showed,...

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Persistent virus hiding in hidden directory -rmdir access denied


Hello, Downloaded something from github, and appear to have a virus. It's pretty persistent, and didn't get picked up by malwarebytes. I've managed...

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Send message using cmd


Is there any way to send a message to the other computer using cmd only no other software ? Please Drop your comments.

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Problem in the form of downloaded files


Hello, when i load by idm it was normally load, but it became this way, get out a message :

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Certificate navigation blocked


Hello, hi sir,i cannot access on my facebook and gmail it say"s that certificate navigation blocked..what can I do?please help me solved my problem.....

Last reply on 20 Jan 2017 by

Laptop can't open different softwares


Hello, my laptop can't open to different softwears like as, ms-excel,word}-spss-16}, google chrome}, e.views-9, tally erp-9, mayob,the computer give...

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