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So I recently bought Lenovo d24-10 and when I tested it in a shop where I bought it, it was working fine but when I came home it didn't work my pc turned on but theres nothing on display when I turn off and on monitor it shows logo but then it says power saving mode and then it's just black when I tried my old monitor it was working fine but this new one does work so if you can help me I would appreciate it.

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Hook up the old monitor. Set the video signal to the lowest setting. Connect the new monitor. You should have display now.
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Hahaha well I tried something with old monitor and now it works.Thanks!!
Wow, solved it! Here is what happened. The new monitor was not capable of displaying the signal on the first setting. Now that you lowered the setting on the pc, the new monitor can display it.
Where do i find video signal menu to change i have an hp windows 10

This is the first posting marked as solved by the OP in over a month! Any other has been marked by the answerer amd those arent really solved!!!! Hahaha. Bunch of idiots!!!
I didn't really understand what were you trying to say but I actually used cable from old monitor and it worked